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  • AI at IBC: For today, not just the future 20 september 2017
    IBC2017: Although AI might be the future, exhibitors at IBC2017 are demonstrating more immediate uses for the fabled technology
  • Dr Hanson: "Super-intelligent machines will make the world a better place" 19 september 2017
    IBC2017: David Hanson is a real life Dr. Eldon Tyrell – the robotics genius from the movie Bladerunner, based on the sci-fi novel by Philip K. Dick.
  • Digital cinema, consumer experience 19 september 2017
    IBC2017: Data-driven insights into the cinema-going habits of Millennials and aging baby boomers could prove critical in boosting box office numbers, a panel of cinema experts revealed during an IBC’s Big Screen strand.
  • The Startup Movement 18 september 2017
    IBC2017: Digital startups are creating a dynamic and innovative ecosystem to strengthen and challenge traditional business models.
  • SMPTE approves ST 2110 standards suite for IP 18 september 2017
    SMPTE has announced at IBC the approval of the first standards within SMPTE ST 2110, the standards suite for carrying content over internet protocol (IP).